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I pretty sure Thorin doesn even watch the games, he just reads reddit. (Hi.) Most likely they all steal each other talking points and 2 or 3 original talking points about TSM this season were dogshit. I like that the boys are the underdog but I wish I could consume league content about my favorite […]

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The name Galapagos, meaning saddleback in Spanish, derives from the profusion of saddleback tortoises in the island when the Bishop of Panama landed here, quite accidentally. On a journey from Panama to Peru in 1535, Bishop Tomas de Berlanga found himself shipwrecked on the islands which teemed with unique wildlife. His search for water on […]

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After months of tube feeding, her Boston gastroenterologist, who had ruled out anorexia, grew concerned that her stomach might start to atrophy. He urged her to consume small amounts, such as a few sips of a high calorie nutritional drink, several times a week. And for the next four hours would lie on my bed […]

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replica designer bags I ate between 1400 1700 calories per day, everything carefully weighed and tracked. I did not factor in activity. Now, I back working on my weight again at 30. We reached the shore, and looked across the lake. I seen some photos before I left for Inner Mongolia, but nothing prepared me […]

“You’re lucky,” he says as the sound of the geese comes in

A new study based on four years of diving on 159 reefs in the Pacific shows that reefs in four countries Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar are heavily contaminated with plastic. It clings to the coral, especially branching coral. And where it clings, it sickens or kills.8 Million Tons Of Plastic Clutter Our Seas. canada […]

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My name is Noah Hornberger. I’m a former Pixar artist (Wall E, 2008) and Professor of Animation (DePaul University, Chicago), and I have recently invented a motion activated musical toy called the Dub Cadet. One Substance TV blogger has called my light up sphere that transforms motion into music, “Daft Punk [the electronic music duo] […]