On Monday the heat wave began to ease

Britt Janyk (Whistler, BC) is among the athletes who will be at the dryland camp, taking place in her hometown. Janyk, member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team since 1996 and a World Cup downhill winner in 2007, said having a conditioning camp in Whistler provides the athletes with unique inspiration, with the Olympic Games now seven months away.”A training camp like this one is a great opportunity for the team to come together in the Olympic environment and become more familiar with the surroundings. We can hike the race hill and just soak up the environment of Whistler a little,” said Janyk.”Our summer conditioning training is what prepares us for our on snow training.

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uk canada goose With the Eagle Creek Fire burning along the Columbia River Gorge, Hood River has been cloaked in heavy smoke for more than a week. The fire now covers roughly 36,000 acres and has been burning since Sept. 2. On Monday the heat wave began to ease, but not before shattering several remarkable records. In France, the city of Gallargues le Montueux, near the city of N hit 114.6 F breaking the country’s all time heat record, set in 2003, by an astounding canada goose 3 degrees F. In fact, an impressive 14 weather stations surpassed or tied the country’s all time heat record.. uk canada goose

Canada Goose Parka Tom Wolf has signed into law a measure that allows schools to declare a flex day for bad weather (including snow), building issues or even a security threat. Students could continue instruction remotely while out of school through online or offline instruction, or a combination of the two, as a type of cyber snow day. Each district would be limited to five such days a year. Canada Goose Parka

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