Plans for the James Beard Public Market include classrooms

Still, few if any dispute that a massive food hall would be a boon to Portland’s dining scene, add jobs to the statewide economy and provide a public service. Plans for the James Beard Public Market include classrooms where residents would be taught healthy cooking skills and wellness tips. The market would be a gathering […]

Officials said the blackouts were necessary to prevent

This week, the Motel 6 parent company issued an apology, saying employees at some of their Phoenix locations were giving guest information to ICE. Later, Motel 6 said it would direct all of its locations around the country to stop sharing daily guest lists with ICE. This story was uncovered by the Phoenix New Times, […]

NET A PORTER also hosts over 200 specialist beauty brands as

There Only One: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Art Exhibit Come see 10 internationally acclaimed artists whose inspiring art is helping protect the Arctic Refuge beauty, wilderness and majesty. How do millions of majestic acres 3000 miles away affect the plants and animals right here in Eau Claire WI? How does this wondrous wildlife refuge affect […]

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Alabama, undefeated and top ranked, was a heavy favorite. After Notre Dame pulled off a surprising upset, 13 11, Mr. Parseghian’s players carried him off the field on their shoulders. Together, a neurotypical and an Aspie form one powerful, whole entity. Where they are logical and analytical, we are feeling and intuiting. Where they are […]

FEMA recently finished drafting a federal operations plan for

Thermal expansion is one of the most significant contributors to the rising sea levels a huge problem for people living next to the ocean in low lying areas. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) projects that many millions of people could be impacted by flooding by 2080 due to a rise in sea levels. […]

They are the coolest youngest old people I have ever known but

If you experience loneliness, you can imagine how a shut in must feel. Two people visiting have more of a chance of dispelling loneliness than either one sitting aloneever will.Remember that you don’t have to suffer loneliness. But it is up to you to do something to get past it.5 Tips to Banish Loneliness.. Replica […]

The ship is complete with nearly all its original fitting and

PORTLAND, Ore. 2. They objected to prison sentences handed down to Dwight and Steven Hammond, two local ranchers convicted of setting fires. The attorney for the Parsons family, Joshua Koskoff, is representing relatives of victims of the Newtown school massacre in a similar lawsuit against gun manufacturers. The Connecticut Supreme Court in March ruled […]

Each unit costs 2,170 dollars and it will promote water

View of the water cleaning filter designed at the Ovalle polytechnic high school and built by a group of teachers and students with funding from the government of the region of Coquimbo, in northern Chile. Each unit costs 2,170 dollars and it will promote water recycling in the schools in the semi arid municipality. Credit: […]