Also be sure to discuss your insurance coverage since these

Said he needed the bathroom!! Idk how the fuck he pulled his own chest tubes out. Removing them always makes me cringe let alone doing it to himself!!! He was put back to bed, this time in the ICU, and got some more sedation and even tho him ripping it all out set him back a couple of weeks he still discharged and came to say hi and thanks on the way out. The happiest delirious patient I ever had.

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Hermes Replica Handbags Wound up getting called in to meet with administration, nurse manager, risk management and safety council over it because technically he was a fall risk and should have had mats and bed alarm. Ultimately nothing happened. So relax. I haven’t worked in about a year and only go out for an hour period 5times a week to go to group therapy, besides that I’m inside. But bc I have seen how shitty my mom has it it’s impossible to validate my bullshit as real depression. It sucks bc I know I have issues and only feel good when I was on heroin Hermes Replica Handbags.

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