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Even some Republican lawmakers, who generally oppose government regulation of the economy, have flirted with antitrust for tech. They cite concerns over both privacy and unsupported allegations of systematic silencing of conservative voices on social media, although those are separate policy issues from antitrust.”Is it really any wonder that there is increased pressure for antitrust […]

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Gradual shift is taking place.Experts say some care providers are beginning to deliver more programming and paying attention to environmental design and creating more home like settings.are demanding more than just being locked up in an institution, Milner an exciting time where organizations are willing to create new models to engage residents no matter […]

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There is absolutely no credible, scientific evidence that links autism to childhood vaccines.Learn more: How Autism is DiagnosedTreatment of AutismEarly intervention is important in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. The sooner a child is seen by a specialist, the better outcome for both the child and the family. Most treatment approaches for this […]

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Luckily I love learning/studying and won have much trouble getting back on board since I set my mind to it. I just needed the resources to stay focused on problems similar to what I encounter instead of going down rabbit holes reading my old textbooks. I appreciate the study advice, I set the habit to […]

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No politician has ever created a single job, unless it been to add more public servants to the cheap canada goose government/municipal payrolls. There are things a municipal council should focus on for job creation, ideally the creation of business friendly policies and promoting entrepreneurship. Firms are not going to invest in North Bay unless […]

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Representative DON YOUNG (Republican, Alaska): You want (unintelligible) puts this country into a recession, do put that polar bear on an endangered species list. You want to cripple this nation economically, put that polar bear on an endangered species list. And it’s just a terrible example of how this act has been misused. Canada Goose […]