Now is the time for change, canada goose outlet parka she said

New Zealand citizens open to gun reform after massacre

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand. The canada goose outlet uk sale New Zealand leader canada goose outlet uk promise of tightened gun laws in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings has canada goose jacket outlet been widely welcomed by a stunned population.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said her Cabinet will consider the details of the changes on Monday. She has said options include a ban on private ownership of semi automatic rifles that were used with devastating effect in Christchurch and a canada goose black friday sale government funded buyback of newly outlawed guns.

While curtailing gun owners rights is a political battleground in the United States, Christchurch gun owner Max Roberts, 22, predicted Ardern won face serious opposition to her agenda.

will be no opposition to it. There no movement in New Zealand for cheap canada goose that. canada goose Our media and politics are more left wing, said Roberts, a carpenter who uses guns for hunting.

Elliot Dawson, who survived the shooting at Christchurch Linwood mosque by hiding Canada Goose Coats On Sale in canada goose uk shop a bathroom, hopes New Zealand follows Australia lead on gun control.

In Australia, a virtual ban on private ownership of semi automatic rifles and a government funded gun buyback cut the size of the country civilian arsenal by almost a third.

The ban followed a 1996 massacre canada goose outlet new york city in which a lone gunman used assault rifles to kill 35 people in Tasmania state in 1996.

I don think guns should be legal at all. Maybe in some extreme self defense, but I don think they need such firearms like that, Dawson said. Zealand is not America. America is a totally different situation. I think in America it would be probably more dangerous to take people guns away. But here, I don think we need them at all. Sharma moved to Christchurch from Fiji to study. He was shocked that the shooter was able to get his hands on such military style weapons.

Sharma agrees with the prime minister that gun laws need to be tightened.

don see this as a place where you need guns to live to feel safe, Sharma said. maybe, but here it a different story. the gun canada goose clearance sale owner, doubted banning certain types of weapons canada goose outlet sale would be effective. But he said New Zealand should only allow its own citizens to buy guns. Brenton Harrison Tarrant, the Australian charged in the Christchurch shootings, obtained a New Zealand gun license in November canada goose outlet shop 2017 Canada Goose Parka and started legally amassing an arsenal of five guns within a canada goose uk black friday month.

think when people harbor hate like, that these things are possible, Roberts said.

Australian citizens, I don understand how they can get access to firearms in canada goose outlet jackets New Zealand when New Zealand citizens can get canada goose coats access to firearms in Australia, he added.

Ian Britton uses a rifle for shooting rabbits and target shooting. He favors outlawing assault rifles like those used in Christchurch because they unnecessary.

can use the words I like to use, but it disgusting. I never thought I see that in this country, Britton said.

Ardern noted that attempts to reform had failed before under pressure from the gun lobby.

have been attempts to change buy canada goose jacket cheap our laws in canada goose outlet toronto factory 2005, 2012 and after an inquiry in 2017. Now is the time for change, canada goose outlet parka she said.

New Zealand was represented at a meeting of Australian police ministers on May 10, 1996, two weeks after the Tasmanian massacre, where it was agreed that semi automatic long arms would be banned except for use by licensed professional shooters. New Zealand unique relationship with Australia, its nearest neighbor, is close canada goose outlet to that of a state.

New Zealand was the only cheap canada goose one of nine jurisdictions at the meeting to reject the deal.

Philip Alpers, a Sydney University gun policy analyst, said New Zealand had rejected the most important reform among a raft of gun restrictions that halved Australia gun death rate.

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