The abolitionists and all who fought to end slavery and ensure

If Obama can continue being positive (give a little HOPE and YES WE CAN to the folks in Germany) throughout the remainder of his trip, he is going to get good media coverage in the US for at least another week upon his return. Given the distain for most things American overseas these days, as well as the inevitable grousing from his political opponents and disingenuous media pundits here at home, I’ve been impressed with the sophisticated way in which he has navigated the international arena. As an adult, I’m skeptical of the reality of a “natural” at foreign affairs, but if such a thing exists, this guy is it.

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Canada Goose Outlet Those people, she said “refused to accept their assigned place as second class citizens. Men and women who saw America not as it was, but as it could and should be, and committed themselves to extending the frontiers of our democracy. The abolitionists and all who fought to end slavery and ensure freedom came with the full right of citizenship. Canada Goose Outlet

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