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Strategic website marketing involves the coordinated and aligned usage of internet communications, online marketing methods and web-based tools to achieve strategic business objectives such as lead generation, market penetration and revenue growth. These 5 commandments will help you focus your company resources and deploy them in the most cost-effective approach to achieve your intended results while minimizing waste of time, money, and effort.

Listed below are the five commandments of strategic internet marketing:

1. Be Like Obama, Be Strategic

During Barack Obama’s historic run for that office of President of the us, his campaign masterfully selected a core strategic message and stuck with it. From his speeches, to the title on the lectern, or higher for the wording and color scheme in the campaign websites, everything was made to reinforce the central message of the campaign, that was “Change we can believe in.”

While some competitors like John McCain vacillated between being the “experience” candidate as well as the “maverick” candidate, Barack Obama’s team kept his positioning constant.

The large scale integrated planning reflected by that presidential campaign is worth emulating for virtually any strategic advertising campaign. You have to identify the core value proposition and persona you wish to give to the marketplace, and then integrate that message through every online marketing channel or platform which you use. Fight the temptation to fall deeply in love with the various tools rather than your larger strategy.

2. Possess A Take Or Get Hung On

Certainly one of my favorite shows on sports radio comes with a host who threatens to hang up prematurely on people who usually do not “possess a take” — his way of saying they do not have a point.

To leverage the net for the business, you have to establish a content curriculum. Whether you intend to create an authority content website, or you want to engage actively on social media marketing platforms, you have to be ready to communicate authoritatively on problems that are relevant and essential to your target marketplace or audience. Either that, or else you must be ready to be very entertaining.

3. Attract, Capture, Engage then sell

Just having knowledge of your line of economic is not enough. You need to deliver your content into systems that can draw online traffic for you. One of my personal favorite ways to get this done is thru Online search engine optimized content sites.

After attracting website visitors, you need to have a way to capture their information so you can stay in touch with them. Using a simple email capture form is a must-have for each and every strategic internet marketing effort. Your chances of generating any clients from the internet diminish greatly if you have absolutely no way to capture web visitor information.

Engagement in this context, means maintaining constant communication. Whether you utilize videos, tele-seminars or email newsletters, frequently communicating with prospects, clients and referral centers is essential for gaining maximum leverage coming from all your web efforts.

When you have built trust in this manner, don’t be scared to market. Let them know what valuable goods and services you have for them. Always do this inside the conversational context you might have already established.

4. Multiply Yourself With Partners and Affiliates

Just about the most efficient ways to accelerate ensuring your success online is to recruit affiliates or higher-level partners (often known as “super affiliates”) to spread the word of you, your products or your services.

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You can do this by creating informational products with high enough profit margins that you can offer an incentive to affiliates who successfully sell your products or services. When along with an inventory-building effort, this powerful strategy can enable you to recruit and retain affiliates who have a “self-interested” motive for marketing your products and services.

5. Syndicate Yourself

The internet does this type of good job of fragmenting your customers you need to possess a presence in as many platforms and websites as is possible. This really is particularly true of social media efforts. One of the best methods to leverage the internet for business growth is to syndicate your content to ensure that your content is reproduced automatically (and shared by other web publishers) any time you publish content online.

One excellent way to do this can be through publishing articles to article submission sites like (where email newsletter publishers can find them for reprinting), and syndicating your videos through tools like Video syndication tools like TubeMogul.

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The internet is actually a paradise for any bootstrapping entrepreneur. A bootstrapper is definitely an entrepreneur who finds approaches to achieve business objectives without relying on conventional borrowing or selling off chunks with their equity to investors.

Opt to extract maximum leverage for the business of the many free tools and platforms now available online. Powerful (and free) platforms like YouTube and Facebook provide you with a lot of choices to obtain your marketing message out. Other tools like,, and can assist you to syndicate your content to many different websites rnkgqw once.

You can also leverage the net to connect yourself or maybe your associates with powerful players within your industry or with potential strategic partners.

My advice to you is that you simply read and re-read these 5 commandments, then think carefully about how exactly you can apply them to your strategic website marketing plan to obtain more leads, make more sales, gain influence and boost your profits.

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